The Popcorn Bag has breakfast covered!  Try our Cinnamon Roll – cinnamon flavored kettle corn with white chocolate icing infused with vanilla.  Amazing with coffee OR milk.  Save it for dessert if you want to start with bacon and eggs (bacon mixed with buttery white cheddar).

We also cover many other areas of food cravings such as Italian (Pizza, Garlic Parmesan), Hispanic influence (Spicy Queso, Southwest Jalapeno. Cilantro Lime), Southern favorites (Chili, Chicken & Waffles, Loaded Baked Potato), Asian influence (Wasabi Soy Ranch), Party Food (Buffalo Ranch, Beer, Sea Salt & Black Pepper).

Candied flavors range from dozens of fruit and traditional sweet flavors such as Cherry, Strawberry, Apple, Mango, and unique sweets such as chocolate caramel, peanut butter caramel, apple pie, and pumpkin spice.  And, don’t forget our new sour fruit line such as Sour Apple, Sour Watermelon, and Sour Cherry!

Our specialty line include a number of gourmet delights that include chocolate or nuts.  These include our most popular flavor – Salted Dark Chocolate Caramel and other gourmet delights such a Black Tie (white & milk chocolate over Caramel), White Chocolate Oreo, Banana Pudding, Root Beer Float, S’Mores, Dark Chocolate Coconut Marzipan, and others.

Some flavors are season – watch our facebook page for announcements that introduce new flavors.